About WeddingStoryShop - Your wedding inspiration

About WeddingStoryShop - Your wedding inspiration

WeddingStoryShop knows that wedding day is most important and exciting day in your life. That's why we are focused to make it even more special with our personalized items that will be memorable for you and your bridesmaids. We have exclusive collection of personalized robes, slippers, ring boxes, team bride t-shirts & caps. Personalized wedding table wooden sign, flower/candle holders, cake toppers and much more to explore. As seen on Pinterest and Instagram. 

We recently added a lot of decoration items that can be also used to decorate your wedding, birthday, baby shower, party. DIY ideas and decor items that can be assembled at your home, backyard and outdoor. No need to spend thousands of dollars for wedding decorator. You just simply can decorate using a lot of ideas from Pinterest. You simply can replace fresh flowers for artificial that can be used for many other events & decorations. Also after your event you can always keep those decoration items and use if for your birthdays, events or give them to your friends. 

We have a lot of variations of Arches that can be nicely decorated with draping, balloons and flowers! Perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration. 


Artificial flower wall panels that can be attached together to create any size that you want. Great ideas for backdrop photo wall. 


Centerpieces for Graduation Party, Flower Decorations, simple bridal shower decorations diy, bridal shower table decorations and much more!


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