271 DAYS TO GO...

271 DAYS TO GO...

271 days... I mean that sounds like that's right around the corner. We officially started wedding planning in January and now, it's already March and the wedding is in November! I tell you, time does fly by. I am sitting down, writing this post with my wedding planning mug in hand and my breakfast and I am feeling completely inspired to give you all the juicy updates.

Personalized Bridal Hanger with Bow from Wedding Story Shop

The first step after getting engaged, in my mind, was to find THE dress. I had a complete different experience that anyone did. I didn't have any family or friends around because of the disastrous Hurricane Maria in our beautiful Puerto Rico, but that did not stop me from getting my dream dress and my mom helping me out via FaceTime, thank you Apple! Fast track to two years and now I am "full on" in planning mode. There are so many details that make your day so perfect, but one of them, which I believe people overlook, is getting your wedding hanger. The wedding hanger is part of your getting ready moment that holds the dress of your dreams. It's that piece that holds your future last name, mine Mrs. Flores. It was with no doubt that I needed to find THAT hanger.

Wedding Story Shop is a one stop shop in all things bridal. It is an online Luxury Bridal Boutique that offer everything you can think of, from hangers, robes, slippers, personalized items, kitchenware, gifts and so much more, I mean I can go on and on... Without a doubt I knew WSS was the place to get my hanger. The service was amazing, they answered all my questions in record time and one the order was placed, it arrived at my house in a week and a half! I was able to choose from different designs, colors and fonts. The one thing I loved the most is the fact that not only it has my future last name, but it has our wedding date on it. A date to always remember! Thank you Wedding Story Shop for making the most beautiful hanger ever.

Author Sofia Vallecillo for WeddingStoryShop

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